The foundation “De Griffioen” (The Griffin) was founded in 1990, the next year the Medical Pharmaceutical Museum opened its doors.

In the old centre of Delft at Koornmarkt 66 a unique collection of ancient medical, nursing, dental and pharmaceutical instruments is displayed to the public. After 50 years of collecting medical and pharmaceutical items, the foundation” De Griffioen” was founded.

Development in the field of healthcare goes quickly. Technological advancements make it possible to keep on moving forward in the field of healthcare. The museum provides an insight in the flight of medicine throughout the ages. Both through a carefully selected presentation and a personal guided tour.

The aim of the foundation is to preserve medical and pharmaceutical devices used in the history of medicine and in doing so providing a picture of the development of the medical science throughout the last centuries.

The Museum has two main activities:

First Guided tours through the museum. Next the Museum organises thematical displays. Permanent expositions are currently at display at several Hospitals throughout the country. Also for seminars and symposia expositions can be provided.

Opening hours

By appointment the museum holds guided tours for groups of a maximum of 8 persons. Visits are possible Monday through Saturday, also in the evening hours. The museum can also be used for education of medical students. By using the “Bezoek aanvragen” you can fill in a request for visit form.